Another American High Frontier First: 3-D Manufacturing in Space

31st May 2013

“As NASA ventures further into space […] we’ll need transformative technology to reduce cargo weight and volume”


Get ready, 3D printing may be coming to a planet near you

27th June 2013

“There may be uses for 3D printing that are literally out of this world.”

Dominic BasultoThe Washington Post

3D printing in space: the next big business?

28th November 2013

“Many believe the first trillionaire will come from a space business.”

Kristyn MartinALJAZEERA

World's first 3D printer in space will launch this month

3rd September 2014

“Replacing a broken part or tool aboard the orbiting lab could be a matter of simply pushing a button.”

Mike WallFox News

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