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Launched March 2016, AMF is a permanent manufacturing facility on the ISS, providing hardware manufacturing services to both NASA and the U.S. National Laboratory onboard. Twice the size of the tech demo printer, AMF can manufacture larger and more complex objects faster, with finer precision, and with multiple aerospace grade materials.

Under the agreement for use of AMF, Made In Space owns the machine while NASA and commercial customers pay to use it as a service.

As the first commercially available manufacturing service in space, the AMF has put the capability of off-world manufacturing into the hands of space developers everywhere. Now people who wish to get select hardware to space faster, safer, and more affordably than traditional launch methods have a toolkit at their disposal.


Key Technologies

    1. Modular

Using replaceable subassemblies, the AMF was designed so that it could easily be upgraded to add new functionality and manufacturing methods in the future.

    1. Longlasting

The AMF is designed to last the entire lifetime of the ISS

    1. Multiple Materials

The AMF printer is designed to work with a wide range of various extrudable materials including flexible polymers, Green PE, and aerospace grade composites.

    1. EXPRESS Rack dimensions

Designed to operate in an EXPRESS Rack Mid-Deck Locker, once installed the printer will be easily accessible by crew at all times.

System Specifications

Attribute Value
Print Volume 14cm long x 10 cm wide x 10cm tall
Material ABS, Green PE, PEI/PC
Resolution* 0.1 – 0.44 mm
Height Resolution Down to 75 micron layer height
Maximum Wall Thickness 1 mm
Overhangs Up to 3 inches
Threaded holes >M10

*Resolution dependent on material

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