April 1, 2015 Alison Mehesz

Made In Space Unveils 6D Printing

California based space start-up, Made In Space, blows everyone’s mind yet again. With 3D printing now commonplace on Earth and beyond, and with increasing talk about 4D printing in which 3D printed objects are designed with embedded transformational capabilities, Made In Space challenged themselves to come up with the next thing after the next thing … their answer might just change everything. Made In Space is extremely honored and humbled to announce to the world, the awe inspiring transformational new technology of 6D printing.  Combining the power of 3D printing with the power of telekinesis, users will be able to use their ‘6th sense’ to instantly and conveniently 3D print objects just by thinking about them.

Most 3D printing experts will tell you that the dedication of time required to learn skills like 3D modeling still presents one of the the biggest hurdles for the growth of the 3D printing industry.  The way to get 3D printing in every home is by making it easier to use and with Made In Space’s 6D printing technology, 3D printing instantly becomes accessible to anyone who can think.

The device is still not quite ready for children and others who have trouble controlling each and every single thought but Made In Space still plans to have a commercial product ready for all ages soon.  For now, you can sign up as a developer in their 6D Beta program.

Early investor, Clint Stone, recently visited the Made In Space headquarters to try out the new technology.

“You know that movie Brainstorm, it’s like that thing in Brainstorm”
-Clint Stone, Senior Partner at Pew Pew Pew Ventures.

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