December 11, 2012 Alison Mehesz

<span>Initial</span> Hardware Interview Form for Made in Space

Initial Interview Form for Made In Space

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    * Made in Space's long-term vision is enabling a future in which everything we need for space is built in space. The short-term goal is to take baby steps by demonstrating that useful objects and tools can be built in space with modifications of today's technologies.

    * The company has been in existence for roughly 2 years. We are a young start-up, and in such offer stock options to all employees.

    * Currently, roughly a dozen people are working on the company at this time, several of which are virtually in different locations across the USA, and in varying degrees of jobs and time.

    * You will be working with a team of 8-12 individuals out of our lab at NASA Ames Research Center.

    * Your main objective will be helping design and build an additive manufacturing machine (or 3D printer) to be used on the International Space Station. This machine will build the first objects ever made off this world.
  • Experience

  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Current 3D printing Solutions.

  • Building a Printer on for the ISS

  • This 3D printer has to be extremely reliable, easy to use, and capable of working many hours in a zero gravity environment. Your main role at the company will be working on this program. Please answer the questions below.



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