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Aaron Kemmer is the CEO of Made in Sapce.

Aaron Kemmer is the CEO and co-founder of Made In Space.

In 2010 Aaron and his co-founders started Made In Space as a space manufacturing company with the goal of enabling humanity’s future in space. In 2011, Aaron Kemmer  became lead logistical program manager, for the development of the 3D printer Made In Space will be launching to the International Space Station in August 2014.

As with many true entrepreneurs and visionaries, Aaron has been involved with several other start-ups, creating and/or advising them on a variety of levels. These have included: Movis, Heritage Cross, YouTip, and SUpost.

Always eager to discuss the opportunities and applications associated with 3D printing and space, Aaron Kemmer co-authored the paper featured at NASA’s Space Studies Institute 14th Space Manufacturing Conference, entitled “3D Printing in Space: Enabling New Markets and Accelerating the Growth of Orbital Infrastructure.” He also served as Singularity University’s Team Project Advisor, at NASA Research Park, and contributed as the New Space 2012 Business Plan Advisor.

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